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New Motor Installation Services

After broken spring another very common issue with a garage door is the motor. A malfunctioning motor will cause the whole door to stop operating properly. In an automatic door, the motor works hand in hand with the spring to power the door either during closing or opening. It is also an important part of the garage door and needs to be taken care of at all times to warrant proper operation for the door. At Rye Brook garage door repair, we do not straight jump to new motor installation as in some cases the motor may be damaged in a way that it could be repaired thus lowering the cost for the client. The motor is placed in the garage door opener and has two major parts. When faulty, one part of both of the parts could be damaged and it is upon the technicians to determine the exact problem and try to fix it before going for the replacement option. If the motor cannot be fixed, our experienced specialists will replace your motor with quality motors from our stores at the best price. We have different brands of motors and they are legit from authorized manufacturers and distributors. We are able to offer discount on motors because we have acquired them in bulk from the manufacturers. On top of fixing or replacing your faulty motor we offer free maintenance tips to help the customer take care of the motor and avoid future damages.

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